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What’s the spirit of this Substack. A subtle blend of wine, history, and behavioural science. Like a combination of Mary Beard and Daniel Kahneman. But squiffy.

What am I?

A good question. I used to be a wine merchant. And then received an email that led to a meeting that ended up with me presenting The Wine Show. It’s on in over 100 countries, so you may well be able to find it near you.

Today I run a small winery in Ronda, in Andalucia, Spain. This is what it looks like. We’re making a TV show about it. And I’m making an online course (For Substack) that you’ll hear about soon. Mostly because I’ll be banging on about it.

What do I write about?

Another excellent question (you are a prescient interviewer). On Fridays I publish a chapter of “On Claret”. It was a rather silly book I wrote during lockdown. Each chapter is designed to be read in one trip to the lavatory (seriously) and gives you a story about red wine from Bordeaux that you can tell someone over the weekend.

On Wednesdays I publish a story from the wider world of wine. The very much wider. This will try to be interesting, funny, and will often contain some rather far fetched analogy. Your job - like figure skating judges - is to decide how well I do. You can hold up a number score if you like. I won’t be offended*.

Sign up. It’s almost all for free. The paid stuff comes soon. And it’s SERIOUSLY worth paying for.

*I will.

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Wine merchant-turned-TV presenter. The Wine Show, Saga Magazine, and many others. Now a fractional CMO for wine businesses who want to power up their sales and marketing with media and digital.